What you can expect with medical billing

in-house Team

We believe in keeping business in-house. For this reason, our medical billing team is based out of the United States. 

No offshoring.

No hidden costs.

Only honest and transparent medical billing.

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personable, professional & accessible 

We understand the frustration that sometimes comes with feeling like “a small fish in a big pond” when working with larger companies. We pride ourselves in being a small business and offering personable, professional, and accessible services. 

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practice management support

We are here to help you succeed.

  • Timely response to email and phone call inquiries
  • Transparency with any barriers or issues
  • No secrets 
  • Billing Support


lower accounts receivable

We work the Patient Accounts.

  • No automated follow up phone calls
  • Ensure patients receive statements
  • Complete secondary billing
  • Timely follow up with insurance.



cash flow


We decrease barriers to revenue.


  • Verify accurate payments according to fee schedules
  • Monthly audits to verify income and revenue
  • Monitor and help correct credentialing issues
  • Automate payments


Hipaa Compliant


We protect your information.


  • Secure network
  • Secure Clearing House
  • HIPAA compliant trained staff
  • Verification of Patient information
  • Proper verification of Release of Information on file